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Raining Teardrops (part 5)
       I tapped the corner of my spatula impatiently against the granite countertop as the pancake batter sizzled in the black pan on the stove.  I tried in vain to ignore Dan's sniffles over on the couch in the living room.  It helped that by facing the stove my back happened to be turned away from him.  I needed time to think of an alibi while away from his pained brown eyes.
       The butter beneath Dan's pancake stopped foaming, telling me it was cooked to perfection on the other side.  I quickly grabbed the box of Malteasers from the counter and sprinkled as many as possible onto the surface of the batter.  I admit, it was a strange combination, but it was somehow his favorite.  Dan needed the comfort food right now.  I dug my spatula under the pancake and tried to flip it over as carefully as possible, but only managed to splatter the uncooked batter across the pan.  At least I didn't make a pancake
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 9 4
Dan Howell's Girlfriend (DanXreader)
    You woke up to find yourself tangled up in Dan’s arms.  You feel a light breath on your neck and hear a chuckle behind you.  You slowly rotate in your boyfriend’s arms and find a tan skinned, brown eyed boy smiling at you.
    “Good morning, love.”  He whispered softly.  Even though you and Dan had been dating for almost a year now, you had never quite managed to calm the butterflies that leaped into your stomach whenever he was this close to you.  You couldn’t resist craning your neck up and pecking Dan on the lips.  Dan wraps his arms even tighter around you and kisses you back.  Your heart leaped in your chest just from this simple touch.  You tangle your fingers in his dark brown hair and pull him closer to you, kissing him much more deeply.  You feel Dan smile under your lips as he returns the favor.  Without even thinking, you gently bite Dan’s lower lip.  You knew e
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 157 123
A Nimble Soul is but Soles of Lead
You have a rotten soul
snarled in your shattered ribcage.
Fragile bones on which
dust settles to sleep.
You have rotten soles
tangled in your sludge stained shoes.
Muck and corduroy
littered with broken seams.
They kick your soul to the gravel
with the soles on their feet.
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 7 8
The Sea Through Your Eyes
        The wind ripped around me, tearing at my hair and fragile skin.  I felt as though my eyes were forced open by the breeze, as if the world wanted me to take in every last moment left.  Everything was surprisingly white and blur from up here.  The ocean no longer appeared purple and green, but for once my eyes were clear and I saw the true blue.  The sky was light blue with perfect white clouds dotting it.  Today was beautiful.  This was how I would want to remember the world.
I tucked my hair behind my ears and smoothed down my white dress, though it was to no avail.  The wind was determined to cause my strands of hair to catch in my lips and tremble with each of my limited breaths.  I walked to the edge of the cement bridge.  It stretched as far as I could see on either side.  At each end lay towering buildings and thin palms.  I shook my head and returned my gaze to the churning waves and perfect sky.  The world was too artificial, what I needed now was to squint in the dying
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 4 16
Ticklish Lips
I was drenched to the bone and it was freezing outside, yet I didn't care.  When he was there I felt warmth straight to my soul.
He stood before me, unfairly dry compared to me.  He was shirtless and was only wearing his swim trunks.  It was hard for me not to stare.  In front of him was the nozzle to the hose, which he pointed at me threateningly like it was a gun.  A smirk was on his face; he knew my weak spot.
Before I had time to prepare, his finger twitched on the jet and a shower of water sprayed directly on my lips.  I leaped a mile into the air, covering my lips as quickly as possible.  He knew my lips were dreadfully ticklish.  I could barely stand having water sprayed on them.  His laughter filled the air with its joy and light as I stood there flustered, trying to shield my sensitive lips from the world.  He stepped closer to me; he was so close.  I found myself gett
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 8 47
Geelena: The Club
    I felt the music pounding in my ribcage.  Everything was so strange and surreal.  I felt as though I was drifting in a dream.  
    I could imagine what I looked like.  Midnight hair, a form fitting sequin dress, and deadly sharp heals made me stand out in the crowd.  Yet I felt like an outsider.  I watched the dancing bodies curiously.  Why would they go into that mound of people?  Being squished between strangers and having sweat that belonged to someone else on me did not sound appealing.  Yet I felt surprise when I saw what everyone was doing.  I saw boys grabbing the girls by their waists and pulling them in from behind.  The girls shook their butts as the boys grinded into them.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  People I knew who were so innocent seemed to take on a whole new personality.  The
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 2 5
Deviant Innocence by thehiddenpath Deviant Innocence :iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 2 7
Geelena: Prom
    I don't know what they expected from me when I came here, probably a female suit, or maybe even baggy pants and a band t-shirt.  Even though I wore skirts practically every day, it meant nothing when paired with a stereotype.  Yet as I walked into the room in a floor length dress, everyone seemed to freeze.  I had expected the worst, yet it was worse than the worst.
    Their eyes followed me; every single person at the prom watched my every move as I drifted across the floor.  I made an extreme effort to watch the wall intently as I walked around the perimeter of the highschoolers yet I couldn't stop myself from seeing my reflection in the mirror that hung on the wall in my path.  I froze.
    I saw a creature, dressed in dark blue silk.  The strapless gown gracefully hugged my body in all the right places, reaching my hip then flowing like a waterfall around my
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 5 9
In the middle of my rib-cage
my heart was floating.
Swaying in the air.
Drifting like a migrating bird
seeking warmth.
A river of butterflies;
tumbling and skipping
on their fluttering wings.
Simply from the unwavering eyes
watching me shamelessly.
Mirrored pools of brown.
I attempted to send back a smile;
my heart tried not to crumble
like a freshly baked cookie.
And in a moment it was over.
The only sound a thumping heart
and a soaring soul.
Yet I knew that everybody could hear
the gentle whisper of flapping butterfly wings.
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 8 36
It would be your voice
I would think
Crisp and dark
Tumbling from the heavens
Yet it was only autumn leaves
Void of life
Crunching 'neath my feet
Dead as you are to me
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 13 18
Phan: Raining Teardrops (part 4)
Phil's POV
The sunlight dappled the walls of the bedroom, opening a curtain of light across my eyelids.  It was as though my mind was awaiting this small signal to reawaken with a jolt.  All of my thoughts flooding back to me.  The darkness that always gripped my heart at the thought of losing Dan snagged at me again.  But it would be okay.  I knew in my heart that Rose could never come back.  While it hurt me to think this, for her sake, the part of me that was selfish in wanting Daniel as mine comforted me with these thoughts.  For now though, Daniel was gone.  Safe in Manchester with no knowledge of the truth.
Truth.  I began to think of the truth I would have to eventually tell Rose.  While the last thing I wanted to do was relive that nightmarish wedding night, it was the only way she would forgive me.  
I felt the scar at the base of my neck twinge, preparing to bring bac
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 3 19
Before I Could Walk
You always told me I did things incorrectly
But I do think that it works perfectly.
A strange little texture
A lovely little mixture
Simply paper and chalk
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 2 6
Where art thou?
    I couldn't help it.  No longer could I squeeze my throat tighter, I already couldn't breathe.  No longer could I blink carefully as I tried to save my mascara.  It was no use.  The pools brimming on my bottom lids became too much.  
    That was when I broke.
    That was when every person in the classroom turned their head from the chalkboard to look at the origin of the strange, fetal sound that that had escaped my lips.  It was too much.   This was one of those moments when the teacher gave you a slight nod, and you knew you had permission to walk out of the room to save some shred of your dignity.  I wasted no time.  I got up and weaved through the accusing faces, looking for the quickest route to the door.  I tried to remain calm and hold my breath to prevent the sobs that would soon break.  But when I sa
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 10 5
Mature content
Phan: The Truth :iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 17 22
Things Grow When Left Alone
If we had check-ups every day
we would eventually be diagnosed
with everything, even the thoughts
intrinsic to our heart.
Our soul's desiring a disease in itself,
until we can love no more.
:iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 7 5
AmazingPhil with Eyeliner by thehiddenpath AmazingPhil with Eyeliner :iconthehiddenpath:thehiddenpath 5 6


Stand and Deliver by DarkFinch Stand and Deliver :icondarkfinch:DarkFinch 8 4
The Phandom Awards 2012
So, I was looking at the nominated fanfics for The Phandom Awards 2012, when two of my fics popped up!
You can find the nominees here: and
The phanfics are 'Your Body', which is up for 'Best Oneshot', and there's also 'Handcuffs and Riding Crops', which is under 'Best PWP/Kink'.
I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for people who decided to nominate me, I've literally only just found out now, and I seriously can't comprehend it. I mean, I'm up against Moy and Ellie and so many other brilliant people!
You guys are absolutely amazing, and aww, just thank you! Thank you so much!
I mean, I know I won't win, but to be nominated is a wonderful recogniction, and I just want you guys to enjoy and like my fics, because that's why I write them, and it means a lot to me when you guys tell me how much you've enjoyed them.
So thank you once again, you are all sweethearts.
Over a
:iconroseindeath:RoseInDeath 1 14
A Bed of Moss II by Matthias-Haker A Bed of Moss II :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 6,702 394 pintura by fabianoMillani pintura :iconfabianomillani:fabianoMillani 5,834 602 Air text by RynkaDraws Air text :iconrynkadraws:RynkaDraws 62 11 Little black bowler hat by DarkFinch Little black bowler hat :icondarkfinch:DarkFinch 11 6 Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil painting by FailDuck Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil painting :iconfailduck:FailDuck 181 22 Danisnotonfire (colour) by BeeMaddi Danisnotonfire (colour) :iconbeemaddi:BeeMaddi 27 14 Danisnotonfire sketch by Dgrayscythe21 Danisnotonfire sketch :icondgrayscythe21:Dgrayscythe21 33 5 The Path by MyeShell The Path :iconmyeshell:MyeShell 6 4
Carry Me Home
Does anyone remember those nights,
Cold and so alone, and nothing ever seemed to feel right?
(Don't you remember, you always thought you were gonna die...?)
Does anyone remember the pain,
Of going to bed sober, and waking up insane?
(Don't you remember, you were always the one who took the blame...?)
It's like we're coming apart at the seams...!
And everybody's speaking dead languages,
And nobody knows what anything means...!
Well, I have had my fill of silence,
I have had my share of screams,
I am sick to death of violence,
I'm going back to the land of my dreams...
(Justwaita, justwaita, justwaita, just wait a...)
Just one second more...!
I'm gonna carry me home...!
I hear the whisper over the storm,
Goin back to where I was born,
Not in heart, but in soul
(One second more!)Gonna carry me home...!
I hear the whistle of the dawn,
Got to go, it's been too long,
I'm gonna carry me home...
(Justwaita, justwaita, justwaita, just wait...)
Does anybody remember yesterday?
We can't go back,
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 40 31
So I was watching Dan on my tv, 'cause that's a thing we can do now, and although I can't recall precisely what video it was, I know he said "leave your opinion in the comments, unless you're on your iphone. Then you can just cry lonely tears in a corner." or something along those lines. And in that moment I realized "I'm watching this on TV. I can't comment. I can't talk to anybody. I'm so disconnected!"
That's when I knew I had taken this internet thing too far.
:iconxxdidgeridooxx:XxDidgeridooxX 1 1




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